Thursday, 5 September 2013


Hi, there! Hope you're doing well! I haven't slept since... i don't really remember... as i had to do a mass mooving from Heraklion,Crete to Larissa , my hometown. I really hope to take  a nap... but i really doubt that...BLAME IT ON BEST FRIENDS hehehe! Love them!For you who have checked my public profile on instagram and facebook during the last few days, you've certainly noticed that something is up. The reason was that i have to be in Oxford in ten days.... So, from one mooving to another one... this time abroad and specifically England! I can't describe you how amazed i am.... feeling definitily head over heels! :) :) :) Gone absolutely mad :P :) :) Cross your fingers for me!

Anyways, guys... i decided to shot with one of my good friends Xristos(in love with his cam, check his page here) one pair of my sunnies today as they are the absolute accessory... plus that i am surely addicted to all kinds of sunglasses ....weird, stylish, hippy, vintage,metal,colourful....... plus your own adjectives for sunnies. I say ''yes to all''  :P.

 Apart from that, as a word of wisdom says... a pair of sunnies a day makes the doctor go away :P :P ;) (paraphrased by me hehehe)

P.S Some sunnies-photos from mystique sea post that i've promised you...  

circle sunnies: vintage  BYBLOS 
metal-gold sunnies : vintage FENDI


  1. I think the BYBLOS sunnies look chic on you. It really softens up the angles on your face and make you look really gorgeous. Meanwhile, the Fendi shades also look good on you. But I think the BYBLOS ones fit you better. It has that sort of vintage feel to it that I think is gorgeous.

    Joann Sherman

    1. thank you very much! ;) I also agree that a vintage twist is always niticeable :D


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